Digital Social Responsibility

The exponential growth in digitization and internet connectivity is the backbone of the new economy. It has the potential to propel societies forward, enable innovative business models and help people.We believe the changes of Digital disruption should ultimately be the vehicle for Social change and benefit the world.We have created our BBC Digital Foundation .

The aim of Big Blue Chip Foundation is to Shape the Future of Digital Economy and Society by passing the digital benefits to cultivate a shared, trusted digital environment that is a driver of inclusion, economic development and social progress.

The chosen Digital Initiative aims to create networks that enable and encourage action to promote the long-term health and stability of digitally enabled economies and societies.

How Can you Contribute?



To bring about the kinds of changes that will help people live better, we seek to understand the world’s inequities and would try to contribute in various parts of the world. Whether the challenge is low graduation rates of Maori in New Zealand to high crimes in the streets of Brazil, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. We consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence in the digital world and help in any meaningful way possible.

All of our strategies across the foundation have emerged through this process of identifying what we want to accomplish for people in our limited capacity and where we can have the greatest impact through digital technology. Once we commit to an area of need, we define our major goals and identify a clear path to achieving them.

When engaging with BBC Digital, you can partner with us to revolutionize and change. We understand the challenges are huge and priorities are unique and diverse.We have set us some big goals and would held ourselves accountable in every way. We are also addressing Climate Change and volunteering for education of the deprived as priorities.


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